It is said that things that are worthwhile are never easy. Just like everyone else, I also encountered some bumps along the way. But even if it were possible, I would not change that! Why? Because on my travels I have seen and learned a lot and have been able to reflect that in my work.

Out now: winter edition 2020 of AmericA-Magazine.
For sale in magazine stores. More information:
Lots of interesting articles (in Dutch), among others a report of the trip that Frans Baake made to City Island and Island City.

May 2019 Frans Baake visited Island City, a small town in Oregon. Not a physical island, but only in name. 14 Years earlier he came to City Island, situated in the vicinity of New York. An impression of both visits has been put in 2 leaflets. Also included a list of all spots visited from 1983 to 2019,  showing his fascination for islands.

2 folding sheets in a transparent cassette (17,1 x 8,9 cms.)
Published: spring 2020.
Photographs/texts (in English)/collages printed in full colour offset.
Edition of 150 copies, each one signed.
Price: Euro 15,-. (excl. shipping costs).
For more information/ordering: please send an email.

Delden, September/October:
contribution of Frans Baake and Mariëtte de Groot.
Project 'Nooit Weer / Nie Wieder'.


Saturday February 29th: participation in Schrikkelfestival in Enschede.
Only once every 4 years, so don’t miss it...

Participation in Project 'Nooit Weer – Nie Wieder', together with Mariëtte de Groot: 30 Dutch and 30 German artists giving a reaction on celebrating 75 years of liberation since WWll.
During April/May on 4 locations in the border region of The Netherlands and Germany.
Moved to september, information will follow.